Lawrence Rush - Licensed agent - 20 years of experience

Sure Health Insurance Services is a Health Insurance agency specializing in Health Insurance for all ages, including Medicare for those who are turning 65, or disabled. We also offer coverage for dental, vision and other products to help meet your needs. Our goal is to help you find the plan that best fits your lifestyle, needs and your budget. We believe in serving our customers at the highest level possible with a licensed and knowledgeable insurance agent.


Individual and Family Coverage

Health Insurance needs vary from person to person, but we all need it. But should you pay for more than what you need or do you qualify for help paying premiums, copays, deductibles, etc. We can help figure all that out for you.

Medicare Coverage

Medicare can be so confusing and is different than traditional insurance models such as through your job or directly with an insurance company. Most Americans turning 65 will be eligible for Medicare and those under 65 may be eligible due to disability. There are many choice options to consider, which is why you should talk to us. We can help you narrow down your options with what’s right for your budget and health needs.

Dental and Vision Coverage

Most health plans usually don’t provide coverage for routine care for your eyes like glasses, contacts or even appointments. Even basic Dental benefits for a checkup and cleaning are not covered. There are cost efficient ways to get these services covered.

Cancer and Critical Illness Coverage

There have been medical advances through the years. Major illnesses like Cancer, Heart Disease and others are not a death sentence anymore. While there have been advances, the cost of treatment has continued to go up. This means more money out of your pocket. The days of very low deductibles, low copays and moderate out of pocket amounts are not as common. There is additional coverage for high dollar care for critical illnesses.


Lawrence Rush

Everyone needs health and life insurance. Let me find the coverage you need and coverage you can afford. Our service is at no cost to you.  We want to make sure that you have the best possible coverage to meet your needs and your budget.